Biblos Forest & Aqua Villas / İstanbul

How about a 4-seasons comfortable life?
”We got bored of the traffic, chaos and noise of the city for seven days twentyfour hours…It is time to go home and relax and spend time full with peace and fun!” considering this we designed every single villa for you down to the last detail.
In Istanbul Biblos Forest & Aqua Villas that we realized by being inspired from Venezia, the city of love, and that are located on canals together with a swimming pool of 3000 m², we created living environments designed ultra-luxuriously by combining with a unique concept.
During summer time in order to enjoy the coolness we placed clip-in ceiling type central LG air conditioner and for a warm home in winters we embedded a Weismann combi boiler and Rehau floor heating system under Bamboo parquetry.

Not only a house, life is utterly different in a sumptuous garden…
We did not take into account only the buildings, landscaped gardens with tropical trees and plants, they became superb…we set up an automatic irrigation system for your convenience. Created gardens decorated with marvelous flowers. Woodnotes are accompanied. ...

What about going to your neighbour by swimming to have coffee?
We have built a giant swimming pool having an area of 3000 m², illuminated with a fantastic lighting system at nights and allowable for swimming from own terrace of each villa. Separated them with small cascades in order to have you exhilarated with its view and ripple. We included both pools having depths of 70 cm for your children to swim securely and large pools of 150 cm in depth in order to have you enjoy swimming to the full.

Even if you are in, wouldn’t you like to be in the arms of green and blue?
In Biblos Forest & Aqua Villas we included 4 rooms, 3 bathrooms, a special terrace and a fantastic saloon interconnected with the pool and the garden. Dance of glitters reflected from the pool tessellated with special design, having lighting system and clear water every season are all intended for you to enjoy while you are having rest in your saloon or sun bath in your garden and/or having pleasure of coffee in your terrace.

Safety comes first for peace…
On external walls of buildings natural stone pavement and imported BAMBOO wainscoting are applied together . 24 hours non-stop recording video-camera security system and security guards controlling entrance and exit of the housing estate are placed. Auxiliary water reservoir and generator are located to the housing estate for villas built in accordance with recent earthquake regulation and water and heat insulations are being accomplished.

Time spent in the kitchen from now on is a pleasure…
We used; EBONY coated wardrobes, drawers having imported mechanism, ELECTROLUX brand built-in serial (refrigerator, oven, microwave, dish washer), TEKA brand garbage disposer and exhauster.
Don’t underrate the bathroom, you won’t keep your eyes off watching out your window…
Yes, it is true, we used large windows in the bathrooms with pool and garden view. By means of
reflector glasses you don’t need to think about prying eyes and the heat directed towards your
home from outside.
Following are used in your bathrooms; HANSGROHE armatures, full Italian ceramics, special Istanbul serial of VİTRA, HÜPPE shower tray, LIMONTA wallpaper, mirror with SWAROVSKİ stones, specially made monoblock cast glass counter.
In close environment of Biblos Forest & Aqua Villas you may ride a horse or you may have your children take riding lesson in Erkanlı Riding Club where you will enjoy with your
In addition, to have a good time, you can have a visit to K9 Petting Zoo which is a site in touch with nature serving as training-production lodging with its facilities established on a land of 17 decare in Silivri-Ortaköy.
Waiting for new owners in order to offer a peaceful, comfortable and happy life…

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